ePharmacy Kenya is an Online Pharmacy of it’s kind in Kenya. We help in the distribution of needed drugs and medicines to those who have no access to them, but need them. With help from G4S and other delivery channels, ePharmacy Kenya’s aim to make both essential and non-essential drugs “ACCESSIBLE” in the country. With our online platform, that is possible as anyone, anywhere in Kenya can purchase needed drug remedies and we will deliver them to them. Nevertheless, not all drugs and medicines can be purchased from the portal, as we follow strict guideliness as stipulated by The Pharmacy and Poisons Board over the selling of medicines and drugs regimes over the counter.

ePharmacy Kenya is an entirely online entity, but we have offline friends and partners who help us with the distribution. Formerly TheChemist.co.ke, ePharmacy Kenya now moves on with this new name.

I have been trying to point out that in our lives chance may have an astonishing influence and, if I may offer advice to the young laboratory worker, it would be this – never to neglect an extraordinary appearance or happening.

Sir Alexander Fleming

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  1. Hi there, I am contacting you from Herbal Zone SA and currently making plans to get into the Kenyan market. Kindly indicate how we can work with you in terms of bringing out product into your stable? We are in the process of listing our product with the PPB. Thank you.

  2. Please provided order confirmation As Soon As Possible. The order number was 6066 placed later afternoon of today 30th August, 2017.

    Unfortinately I jumped the gun and sent Mpesa payment before order confrimation as required. The pyment details were confirmed by SMS from Equity Banks they have received Ksh 7,050.00 Till no. 0766948661 with the reference no. 0438886586344.

    Just want order confirmation, its earliest delivery and payment receipt. Thank you

  3. Please can i know the price list of the following medicine in wholesale price from your company.
    1.Amoxylin caps
    3.Ampiclox caps
    4.Doxycine caps
    5.Pcm tabs 1tin
    6.Metronidazole tabs
    7.praziquantel tabs
    Wait to hear from you soon

  4. I would like to order apetamin syrup from your pharmacy .I noticed that it was out of stock but kindly get back to me if you’re restocking it again .thanks

  5. Hi I would like 2 bottles of apetamin weight gain syrup but it seems to be out of stock. When will the new stock come in?

  6. Hey am.i.kenya just needed to.confirm about the Goodman product for penile enlargement etc how effective is it ??and does it really work?? Would like to get one
    Will really.appreciate your response

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