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Common Procedures by Affordable Dentists in Nairobi

Th following common cosmetic dentistry procedures can be done in most affordable dentists in Nairobi. These procedures give people confident smiles, and also amends many dental glitches. Six of the most common cosmetic dental procedures are:

Dental bonding: This is done to cover stains and fill gaps in teeth. Dental bonding in Kenya deploys a composite resin material application to the tooth. The material is sculpted to cover the desired area. A high-intensity light or a chemical is used to dry the resin. Except when a minor tooth roughening is done, this procedure does not cause any discomfort to the patient. Dental bonding does not require more than one visit to affordable dentists in Nairobi as it’s relatively inexpensive as compared to other dental restoration techniques.

Tooth contouring and reshaping: This inexpensive, quick, and non-invasive teeth procedure is for fixing dental issues such as shallow pits, overlaps and grooves in the enamel, chipped teeth and worn edges. To reform the teeth, the dentist will use a polishing instrument to remove the uneven amount of enamel. Before this cosmetic dental procedure, an X-ray is done to ascertain that the tooth won’t be affected by the removal of the extra upper layer. After the removal, the tooth is fined into shape and a follow-up visit after the first visit.

Mouth guards and night guards: These are plastic applications that protect the mouth during sports or while asleep for night guards. Mouth guards act like shock absorbers during violent contact. The mouth guards can be mouth-formed, stock, or custom-made. Night guards are ideal for people with worn teeth, cold sensitive teeth and those who suffer aches in the jaws,

Halitosis or bad breath: Bacteria breakdowns food particles in the mouth generating volatile sulfur compounds (VSC). VSC is what causes bad breath. Periodontal disease is also a cause of bad breath or halitosis. A Halimeter is a device used to measure the amount of VSC being generated. Treatment by most affordable dentists in Nairobi, usually involves following a prescribed oral hygiene routine that may include the use of irrigators, artificial saliva, tongue scrapers, etc.

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Tooth whitening: Teeth staining comes about due to the consumption of coffee, tea, cigarettes, and wine. It can also be due to excessive amounts of chlorine in drinking water. Teeth Whitening in affordable dentists in Nairobi is using a bleaching gel, carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide decomposes releasing oxygen molecules that enter the enamel and dentin and break the stains. The time varies from a few hours to a few weeks depending upon the source of the stain for results to appear.

Crowns and bridges: A crown is for treating teeth that need repair due to excessive decay or after an accident. A crown is an artificial replacement for the upper layer of the tooth. As for a bridge, this involves using two crowns held in place by adjacent teeth to hold an artificial tooth in place.

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