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Antidandruff Shampoo Can Prevent Thinning Hair?

Antidandruff shampoo in Kenya comes in handy at any phase of life. At any given time, about 11% of the scalp hair is in a resting phase which falls off after 2 to 3 months and allows new hair starts to grow in its place. This phase of hair grow can last up to 6 years with a growth rate of about 1cm cm per month during this phase.

Hair loss is a common problem in Kenya among both men and women of any age. The reasons however differ with some being medically related due to usage of certain drugs. Stats have it that after the age of 30 years, 25% men start showing signs of balding with two-thirds of them have a well developed bald by age 60, according to the Kenya Medical Association.

What Causes Hair Loss and need to use antidandruff shampoo in Kenya

Several factors can cause excessive loss of hair with about 4 months after a major surgery or an illness suddenly showing a loss of a larger amount of hair. Nonetheless, some of this hair loss is temporary and hair will regrown after the treatment.

Hormonal problems especially those from the thyroid gland may cause hair loss hence the need to use an antidandruff shampoo in Kenya. If your thyroid gland is overactive or underactive, this might lead to a disruption of the hormones hence your hair may fall out. This hair loss usually is easy to reverse as replacement of the hormones; male or female hormones, known as androgens and oestrogens, results to regrowth of hair.

Dandruff is a fungal infection caused by a fungus known as Malazzesia globosacan and can be a cause of Hair loss. This fungus is very common in the air making it difficult to prevent, but can be treated. This is because it causes itchiness of the scalp, and with continuous scratching one affects the hair root and follicles hence leading to hair loss. This is because it removes most of the protective hair covering on individuals, cuticular scale, off of a hair shaft. This loss leaves the hair shaft weakened and permanently damaged, making it easily susceptible to breakage and hair loss.

The most effective dandruff treatment shampoos in kenya contain zinc pyrithione. These ingredients is a protective shield of the hair as it leaves behind thin plate-like pieces of medicine on the scalp to prevent regrowth of the fungus, thus acting as a preventive measure for both dandruff and the hair loss associated with scratching.
Therefore, don’t just ignore the itch, invest in proper treatment.

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