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Best Stretch Mark Removal Cream in Kenya

Stretch marks appear on the body as fine black or pink lines, often during pregnancy or rapid weight gain. Some of the best stretch mark removal cream in Kenya include; Palmers stretch mark cream, Pregnacare stretchmark cream and Bio-Oil. The skin is very flexible tissue. Nonetheless, during drastic change like pregnancy or rapid growth like weight gain, the production of collagen – a protein in the skin that is composite of the skin’s connective tissue – is disrupted. This disruption forms reddish lines visible through the skin that will eventually turn grayish or white. Stretch marks are more prevalent in women than men, more so because of their skin structure.

Besides pregnancy, people with an excess amounts of body fat, or even bodybuilders can develop stretch marks because of the rapid bodily change. Science also states that genes can play a role and stretchmarks can run down a family tree. Naturally, there are those born with dry skin, less elastic skin than that of other people. In these instances, stretchmarks can appear with the slightest of body changes in a short time Also, some steroids cause the skin to thin. This makes the skin unnatural hence not stretch normally. These can also form stretchmarks on the skin.

Daily Nation: What options for stretch mark removal?

Stretch marks will eventually fade over time, although they will never naturally be removed from your skin. There are a few medical operations and products in Kenya that you can use to help remove the stretch marks safely, ranging from surgery to a variety of best stretch mark removal cream in Kenya. Some of these creams and operations are very expensive and most of them are dangerous. So it is best to prevent your chances of developing stretch marks in the first place.

This can be done by insuring that you are drinking a sufficient amount of water daily. It is also important not too drink excessive amounts of caffeine found in coffee, soda, and other drinks, as caffeine will help weaken the dermis, the layer of skin which gives it elasticity. Research has also shown that a healthy balanced diet helps reduce the chances of stretch marks.

Make sure that your diet includes protein rich food such as eggs, milk, yogurt chicken, turkey, fish, and other dairy products. Zinc rich foods such as fish, as well as foods rich in vitamins will also help. A proper intake of fruits, vegetables, and grain foods can all help reduce your chances of developing stretch marks. While these is harder to achieve in a modern fast paced Nairobi life, you can seek them from available supplement capsules.

Stretch Marks are a truly unfortunate condition. It is best that you make all attempts at avoiding them if possible. Try to be sure to maintain a healthy balanced diet and have a sufficient intake of water. If you have them, then you can try any of the above best stretch mark removal cream in Kenya. There are certain times in your life such as pregnancy where the chances of stretch marks. In these incidences talk to a dermatologist to determine what treatment is best for you. Do not try any pill or cream for stretchmark if you are pregnant before consulting with your doctor.

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