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Caffeine and Best Brain Boosters in Kenya

Caffeine isn’t one of the best brain boosters in Kenya per say, BUT. There have been a lot of negative reviews of the consequences of consuming coffee, tea or eating chocolate because of the amount of caffeine that these substances contain. There might be a silver lining to the caffeine cloud though and that’s how caffeine can play an important role in boosting your memory. Often we experience short term memory problems. At times it can be whether we turned off the water after we brushed our teeth or if…

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Bad Breath Treatment in Kenya – Simple as the Cause

Bad Breath, also known as Halitosis (Halitosis is the medical term for ‘bad breath’) is an extremely restrictive condition, and it affects millions of people in Kenya. It restricts people from leading a normal life. Have you ever shied away from a conversation because you knew you had bad breath? Or have you ever cut a conversation short because the person you spoke to had bad breath? There wouldn’t be a person on the planet who hasn’t. Bad breath is a social turn-off, and but bad breath treatment in Kenya…

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Tummy Trimming Pills in Kenya: Weight or Cash Lost?

Tummy trimming pills in Kenya and weight loss as a whole is a such a big issue among women  all over the world today. Blame it on the close-to-skeletal look that models and celebrities parade on TV, magazines, the Internet, and in those gigantic billboards. Surrounded by celebrities that were already anointed and crowned by media as “Women with the Perfect Figure,” it is no wonder that ordinary women who look up to these “icons” of female beauty are caught up in the image that is projected and marketed almost…

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Quit Smoking in Kenya Tips and Products

To quit smoking in Kenya takes bold steps. People are fond of socializing: parties, business meetings, conferences, and seminars. And it is during these functions that a person feels an intense pressure to fit it with the crowd. If people drink, chances are, you would also have to drink. If a majority of the people in the group smoke, there is a big likelihood that those few who don’t smoke choose to learn to smoke so that they can mingle with those who do. Smoking is a nasty habit to…

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5 Tips To Dealing With Dry Skin in Kenya

Dry skin in Kenya is a problem that not only occurs during the cold months, but also during sunny ones as well. The increased humidity indoors in during the cold season and outdoors in the hot ones add to the problem that affects many sufferers around the world. Symptoms of dry skin include redness and a tight feeling when you attempt to bend your fingers or even in the slightest movement of your hand. In the case of extreme dry skin in Kenya, cracking and bleeding may occur. This is…

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Weight Loss

Rules of Taking Weight Loss Pills Available in Kenya

Who does not want to be in shape always? To remain fit, healthy and slim you will surely Prefer to do regular exercises or want to join a gym. But, most of the time it has been noticed that due to huge work pressure it is not possible for all to do exercises on regular basis. This causes unnecessary weight-gain and can also cause various health issues. Some people want to reduce weight fast and they are often in search of weight loss pills available in Kenya. Do you also…

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Hair Loss

Medicated Anti Dandruff Shampoo Can Prevent Thinning Hair

Hair loss or thinning is a common problem these in Kenya, hence a recommendation of medicated anti dandruff shampoo. 25% of modern men begin experiencing baldness when they reach 30years and two-thirds begin at 60, this is according to the American Medical Association. There are many causes of excessive hair loss. For example, about 3 or 4 months after an illness that requires chemotherapy or a major surgery, you may or may not suddenly lose a large amount of hair. This hair loss is related to the stress of the…

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Best Stretch Mark Removal Cream in Kenya

Stretch marks appear on the body as fine black or pink lines, often during pregnancy or rapid weight gain. Some of the best stretch mark removal cream in Kenya include; Palmers stretch mark cream, Pregnacare stretchmark cream and Bio-Oil. The skin is very flexible tissue. Nonetheless, during drastic change like pregnancy or rapid growth like weight gain, the production of collagen – a protein in the skin that is composite of the skin’s connective tissue – is disrupted. This disruption forms reddish lines visible through the skin that will eventually turn…

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Best Face Moisturizer in Kenya Recommended

The time to start looking for the best face moisturizer in Kenya is when; your skin looks flaky and dry. Wrinkles appearing and it looks weathered. The skin does not look healthy and plump.  Most of the times its itchy. This is a typical dry skin. Read on to learn more about the causes of dry skin in Kenya. Skin – why it becomes dry? Skin becomes dry for various reasons. The sebum on the skin is getting washed very fast because you might be over washing it. You might…

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Common Procedures by Affordable Dentists in Nairobi

Th following common cosmetic dentistry procedures can be done in most affordable dentists in Nairobi. These procedures give people confident smiles, and also amends many dental glitches. Six of the most common cosmetic dental procedures are: Dental bonding: This is done to cover stains and fill gaps in teeth. Dental bonding in Kenya deploys a composite resin material application to the tooth. The material is sculpted to cover the desired area. A high-intensity light or a chemical is used to dry the resin. Except when a minor tooth roughening is…

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