Dietary Supplements as Anxiety Treatment Options

A deficiency of certain vitamins can lead to severe anxiety in Kenya. Vitamin B, D and Iron deficiency have been studied and found to cause anxiety. In these cases, the supplementation of these vitamins could reverse the problem. Omega-3 Fatty Acids have crucial roles to play in the human body, and their deficiency can also cause anxiety or any other such like related disorder. Studies have shown that people who eat Salmon, Tuna and Herring fish types suffer less from disorders associated with the brain, unlike those who do not. The mentioned fish types have higher percentages of the essential fatty acids and could prove vital in anxiety treatment and management. Dietary supplements are available in simple to use and carry forms like capsules and syrups. The various forms make the options of administration easy; for example, children can not swallow capsules, and even if they do, the likelihood of them vomiting are high; therefore, they can take syrups.

Treatment Options for manic depression in Kenya
Therapy is recommended for most forms of manic depression. This is because it will not cause untold side effects like those caused by drugs. As the old saying goes “A problem shared, is a problem half solved.” Mind-reading professional will help you understand what is happening and how to manage it. Pharmacotherapy is usually done at various levels, with more of it employed if the problem cannot be solved by simple medications or counseling. Combined drug therapy can work better in managing manic depression, as one drug enhances the activities of another. Physical exercise also helps the body relax by producing the “feel good” hormones. Other treatment options for depression include herbal remedies and holistic methods like Ayurveda and Acupuncture.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety
Some anxiety symptoms might not be because of anxiety disorder, but there are common symptoms that can tell if truly what you or your friends or loved one is experiencing is anxiety. An increased heart rate followed by sweating and loss of breath are the very first signs you will notice. The person will freeze for a few minutes before they start showing such signs. Low energy levels and insomnia are also common, with some having difficulties to eat even their favorite meals. For others, they will drown themselves in alcohol thinking and hoping that the problem will go away. Eventually, weight loss occurs. At this point, nutritional therapy is first given to regain the energy levels needed for pharmacological therapy. Other symptoms of anxiety include nausea, muscle tension, irregular heartbeats and hyperventilation.

Causes of Social Anxiety in Kenya
When exposed to a new environment or situation, there is always a fear that you might not be able to fit in properly. The fear of being in the company of many people is referred to as social anxiety. Causes of this are many. People who have experienced bullying and humiliation in the past in front of many people might fear attending crowded environments because of the same. Psychological interactions might also lead to social anxiety, in that someone uses a drug that interferes with his or her thinking. Others are born with the condition though, and will be taught on how to manage it by using certain classes of drugs.

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