Getting Pregnant After Forty; What You Need to Know

Nowadays, it is no longer unusual to see many women postpone pregnancy till their later thirties or early forties. This is partly because pregnancy after forty comes with crucial benefits like financial and mental stability. It however also comes with some disadvantages.

The cons of getting pregnant after forty

There are several negative factors associated with getting pregnant after forty. They include:

  • The risk of miscarriage is higher – This is because, at forty, a woman’s eggs are not usually as viable as they would have been at an earlier age. The conditions of eggs produced within women deteriorate with time.
  • There is also a high risk of developing certain chronic conditions like diabetes during pregnancy. In most people, the risk of acquiring these conditions increases with age, and may be accelerated by pregnancy in women.
  • There is also the risk of genetic abnormalities on the baby. This is because at this age, eggs produced don’t divide as required, a factor which may lead to diverse genetic abnormalities. You also have to acknowledge that albeit men are perfectly capable of fathering well into their seventies, the sperm quality goes on deteriorating.

Many women in their forties however go on to get pregnant under perfect conditions, beating all the odds. These risks are not guaranteed, and there is a way to reduce the risks significantly.

Preparing for pregnancy after forty

Research conducted over the year’s shows that there are several factors that increase the chances of risks that come with getting pregnant at this age. To reduce chances of these risks:

  • Ensure you lead a responsible and healthy life to avoid conditions like excess weight as this increases the risks of complications during pregnancy a great deal.
  • Take genetic lessons and tests with your doctor to ascertain whether it would be a good decision both for you and the baby.
  • Ensure that any chronic conditions are stable before and during the pregnancy.
  • Pros of pregnancy beyond forty

You are better financially capable of raising your child comfortably in the years to come. You are wiser in many life issues, and thus better placed to bring your child up in the right manner. The experience that comes with life and work puts you at a better position to dedicate time to your child compared to younger parents.

Pregnancy after forty is completely manageable.



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