How to Buy Drugs Online from ePharmacy Kenya

ePharmacy Kenya Online Chemist offers you a new way of finding drugs, medicines, medical equipment, and beauty products in Kenya. Through our portal, you can find and buy whatever product we have available. Nevertheless, there are products that cannot be purchased online in Kenya, for whatever reason. Those have been classified, and have labels emphasizing this. Such products and medicines have been deemed as “ABUSED” and their availability will not be made possible by our site and include but not limited to; items concerning abortion in Kenya, items that can be addictive, items that can easily kill or harm a person, and items labelled as has Prescription Only Medicines.

To purchase an item on ePharmacy kenya, please following steps

1. Buying on ePharmacy.co.ke

  1. SEARCH for the product you are looking for through our SEARCH BAR or Google
  1. Once you FIND IT.
  2. Below the product you will see ADD TO CART. click it
  1. Find all products you want to buy and do the same for all
  2. Once you are satisfied, you are now ready to CHECK OUT
  1. On the CHECK OUT PAGE, you will have various options like; using your COUPON, ADJUSTING QUANTITIES, DELIVERY METHODS. You will also get to know the total amount of your order and how much you are supposed to pay to ePharmacy Kenya.


  1. Next, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to go to the next page; BILLING
  2. The CHECKOUT PAGE is the last page or online order placement. Here, you will provide the details of delivery i.e Your Name, Phone Number and Where the Product will be sent to. Payment options are provided, and you can choose the most convenient. N/B: (Currently, ePharmacy Kenya Online Chemist only accepts MPESA or PAYPAL as Payment options, but we are working on adding more in the coming days)
  3. Once done. click on PLACE ORDER. Sit back and relax, we will take it from there.

2. Delivery

All orders MUST be placed by 1500h GMT+3. This allows us to finalize all orders or the day, and dispatch them to you.

  • At times some products might not be available at the time of your order, please ensure you confirm availability before proceeding with payment. All payments done for items currently not in stock will be refunded in full. This will be made clear to you, and an option for waiting will be given.
  • All orders placed after this time will be dispatched the next day.
  • All orders placed on Sundays will be dispatched on Monday, regardless of the time the order was placed.
  • All orders are delivered within 24hrs after placing order
  • Nevertheless, those within Nairobi CBD, can use Sendy_logo for urgent orders, and delivery can be done within one to two hours at an extra fee deemed sufficient by the Sendy Agent.

If you are met with difficulties in finishing and online order through ePharmacy Kenya Online Chemist, please call our Hotline 0775551728, and we will help you through it.

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  1. Fololo_Mbugus

    Why am I unable to pay using my PayPal account?

    1. Admin ePharmacy

      At the moment we don’t support Paypal

  2. Blaise muchina

    Hi i would like to purchase the naygra herbal capsules,i am in kiambu county.please assist as am not encount
    ering problems with the portal.

  3. James waturu

    could you be having oxybral medicine plse

    1. Admin ePharmacy

      It’s currently out of stock

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