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Maternity Wear in Kenya Tips and Guides

Maternity wear in Kenya is meant for pregnant women, obviously. But some designs go beyond the pregnancy phase and can be used later. Just because you are 8 months pregnant with a belly out to there, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still care about your appearance. In fact, when you’re feeling hormonal and down in the dumps, a good shopping trip for stylish maternity wear may be exactly what you need.

General advice

The first instinct pregnant mothers in have when shopping for maternity wear in Kenya is to go directly for something that is large and baggy. You should and must avoid this as maternal clothing that is layered or has bold prints or horizontal stripes will only make you seem bigger. Everyone knows that black is slimming so if you want to appear smaller, go for maternity clothing in one solid color. Don’t compromise your style. If you find maternity clothing too plain, try going to plus size stores or shop at your usual haunts but buy a bigger size. This will allow you to go for styles that you would normally have preferred pre-pregnancy.

Maternity wear budget

Be careful when budgeting for Maternity wear in Kenya, it’s only 9 months. Remember you won’t be that big for long! You can actually borrow other people’s maternity dresses to save your money. Most moms usually keep their maternity clothing in case the might need them for future pregnancies. Some just keep them for fun and memories and will probably be happy to let their used maternity clothing be used by someone else.

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If you are in the advanced stages of your pregnancy, heels are cute but you don’t need them at that stage. Flip flops or Flat shoes are the best way to go. If you are one of those who must wear heels, go for kitten heels as they are not that high and will be comfortable to wear.

Maternity formal wear

The best kind of formal Maternity wear in Kenya won’t hide your shape. Be proud of your pregnant shape and show it off. Nonetheless, too much exposure like wearing tight tops also spoils it. Black, midnight blue or just one solid color suits and dresses form part of the formal wear for expectant mothers. The best maternity dresses are empire cut, which means it is cut right under the bust, to provide maximum room for movement of your growing belly. Maternity suits are also alternative and very flattering to those who are four to five months pregnant.

Maternity swim wear in Kenya

If you are only four to six months pregnant, you can probably get away with going to plus sized stores in Nairobi and purchasing larger swimsuits as maternity swim wear. In this way, you will get a greater range of swim maternity wear in Kenya to choose from without  changing your style.

Whatever your size or shape, you are bound to find Maternity wear in Kenya for any occasion! Don’t just stick to the boring styles you often see in maternity stores or with your friends; be inventive when mixing and matching to create your own maternity wear style!

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