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It’s fast become common for many men in Kenya to occasionally cum too soon, faster than getting the sexual satisfaction of them or their partners. Premature ejaculation or the inability to last longer in bed might not be an actual problem if happens less often. Once or twice is ok and very normal, but the problem is if it happens every time you have sex, then there is a problem.Not lasting longer in bed is a common men sexual disorder affecting most men in worldwide. Estimates vary, but recent studies have shown that  it affects as many as one out of three men. While the issue is common as can be treated with premature ejaculation pills in Kenya, most men can’t talk to a doctor about it as it is embarrassing.

Previous studies suggested that ejaculating too soon was purely a psychological problem; nonetheless, now experts in sexual health and reproduction now know that biology also has a part in it. In some men, premature ejaculation go hand in had with erectile dysfunction, the inability to sustain an erection long enough to penetrate a vagina and have proper sex. It can also be losing an erection minutes into sexual activities before hitting the climax. There’s a solution to all this, so you don’t have to hide behind the door. Treatments for P.E including premature ejaculation pills in Kenya, psychological counselling and learning physical sexual techniques to delay ejaculation, e.g the kegel exercises which can improve your sex power for you and your partner. Others might require surgical procedures if the reason is damage of nerves or veins.

The above reasons means that there’s no single premature ejaculation pills in Kenya standard for treating P.E. Ejaculation that happens before both partners are satisfied is the primary sign of premature ejaculation, hence a cause of concern and worry from both spouses. This can also occur in other sexual situations, including during just thinking about sex accompanied with an erection, or during masturbation.

Impotence. If you are having trouble getting or maintaining an erection then you are at a higher risk of developing premature ejaculation. This is because if your muscles are not strong enough to maintain an erection, then there’s also a higher chance that they might not be able to hold onto semen. After the first encounter with releasing too soon, that fear makes men try to rush the sexual activities so that they might not lose their erection. This makes things worse, since the foreplay, the kissing and touching create a mode essential for sex which will be lacking when sex is rushed.

Health problems. Some medical problem like heart conditions and high blood pressure might affect your sexual activities. Before using any premature ejaculation pills in Kenya, ensure you confirm their effects on your medical condition. Some aggravate the medical condition, which some can actually cause death e.g Sildenafil, Verdanafil and Tadanafil. Some of these pills might also have counter effects on your other drugs.

Stress. Any form of mental stress and strain including depression might affect your sex life and cause premature ejaculation. This is so because it affects your concentration on sex, which needs a relaxed mind. It is true that sex starts in the brain, and it’s the thought of a warm female body beside or beneath you that send waves down your spine to your penis.

Parting shot is that you must know that you are not the only one and that there’s a cure

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