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ClearChoice™ At Home Pregnancy Test Kit is the first pregnancy test in the Kenya that is built into the collection cup. Kenya’s most accurate brand of home pregnancy test

This new, test-in-a-cup, mistake-proof represents a revolutionary approach to pregnancy testing. This kit is unique in every way and its patented design virtually eliminates errors related to pregnancy testing in Kenya, while the cup keeps urine away from the user, also eliminating all the mess associated with the conventional kits in the market. Just deposit the urine into the cup, replace the lid, and that’s it! A built-in timer signals you when to interpret the result tabulated. ClearChoice™ is the most modern design in pregnancy testing available anywhere in the world and can be found at your local pharmacy or direct from ePharmacy Kenya. Read results on cup when test is complete (positive results may be seen as early as 1 minute; negative results should be confirmed after 5 minutes.)

  • Easy to use
  • 99% accuracy
  • No Mess

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