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Manix is an herbal medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. It’s effectively increase a man’s ability to achieve and sustain an erection

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Manix is Wockhardt’s in-house research herbal capsule for men with low semen volume, poor sperm quality and count. It contains 11 highly potent herbal ingredients mixed in precise proportions using techniques perfected by Wockhardt’s scientists. Sexual dysfunction is quite common in men and it increases with progressing age, but most men are hesitant to discuss it with their partners or are too embarrassed to get medical treatment. The ingredients of Manix have a well researched and proven action in improving the sex life of men. Manix primarily works by increasing the production of Testosterone – the main male sex hormone. In other words Manix puts the MAN back in you. Manix has proved to be very beneficial in improving the sperm count, semen volume and sperm motility in oligospermic males in Kenya. Manix improves libido and sexual performance. It also has unique effect on regeneration of damaged sex cells and acts as a general restorative tonic. Manix Male performance capsules is not a SOS medicine for sexual dysfunction. It treats the root cause of sexual dysfunction (low testosterone levels) over a period of 40-90 days. Hence for best results Manix should be taken for a period of 90 days.


  1. salvation joseph

    can manix actually boost a sperm count that is as low as 1.2 million cells? please I need to hear the truth

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      Yes. according to the manufacturer, Manix can be used to boost sperm count and motility

  2. Julius

    How do I get it actually?

    • Edison

      If I have no sperms in my semens ..will manix help me? Thank.

      • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

        It can. But you must be examined to know that


    If I want to make a purchase what’s the procedure and you have phone contacts

  4. musonera claver

    i need to get some (manix) how can i get?

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      Please make order via the website. we will deliver them

    • Ibrahim abdullahi

      Its available and affordable any pharmacy it works bro go get it but the 1st one month will make it look some how

  5. Effendi

    Does manix also enlarge the mans penis

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      No it doesn’t. Try Vimax

      • aa

        Can manix give erection

        • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)


      • Olly

        Does viamax enlarge penis?

        • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

          Vimax. Yes

  6. Lloydjoj

    Hello, I have a gradually developing Er and would like you to deliver me Manix, let me know the dosage and how much it costs…Thank you

  7. Ibrahim abdullahi

    Its available and affordable any pharmacy it works bro go get it but the 1st one month will make it look some how

  8. Edeh Chibuike

    If I want to make love with girls between five minutes, I will realse. will Manix solve my problem???!

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      Five minutes is a normal timeframe. But yes, manix can improve your sexuality

      • Okanlawon

        what should i take of using it
        water or milk

  9. Okanlaz

    what should i use to take manix (water or milk.?

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)


  10. Assan

    Am in DR. Congo i need to buy Manix from you could you pack and send to DR.Congo by DHL on charge

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