KSh 4,000.00

According to the manufacturer, MAXMAN CAPSULES II in Kenya is a natural cure for premature ejaculation and impotence as well as helping to increase your sex drive and stamina.

  • Enlarge your penis and male organs in width and length.
  • Strengthen and harden your erections making you last longer.
  • Maxman capsule ll is scientifically designed to give you the ideal effect of what you need


How to Use Maxman II Capsules Male Enhancement caps in Kenya.

Before using this product you should consult to make sure Maxman II is right for you. There are two methods of taking MMC Maxman 2 pills. If you are not intending to have sexual intercourse, take 2 pills in the morning with breakfast. If intercourse is planned, take 1 pill in the morning with breakfast and the other 10-15 minutes before sexual activity to have the most heightened experience. It is also suggested not to drink wine while using this product because it will make it far less effective.

Side Effects

Apart from headaches and indigestion such as all sexual enhancement pills posses, this pill does have other risk factors due to the herbs in it. Saw Palmetto is dangerous on the liver after prolonged use and can also weaken the bodies’ ability to clot blood. Guarana Extract, also can cause shakiness and nausea, just as anything with high concentrations of caffeine can cause. With continued  usage, these side effects tend to fade away

Buy Maxman II Capsules Male Enhancement Online Kenya

Maxman II is available online in Kenya and will be shipped from Nairobi, Kenya once purchased. Each box consists of 60 capsules and is sold for Ksh4000.