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Noxidil 2% topical solution for baldness contains minoxidil 2% and is used to stimulate the growth of hair in both men and women. It is effective and safe and has been approved by the PPB as the leader product in hair growth, for treating male pattern baldness and hair thinning in women. Noxidil 2% hair loss spray in Kenya reverses the process of hair loss. studied have revealed that it shows 45% hair regrowth.

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Does Minoxidil hair spray work?

  • It works. But you will not apply it today and wake up with long strands of hair tomorrow morning. This solution works slowly, and is probably the best hair loss solution in the market, but you will have to use it daily for up to four months for people to notice your “change”

Will I continue after four months of using Noxidil 2% hair growth spray

  • There is a variable response in individuals as far a notable hair growth is concerned. Some will see the results much faster, while other will need to be patient and no notable hair growth will be seen or expected before four months.

Will my hair be the same color as the one I already have?

  • Total baldness on one region will of your head will mean that the new hair that will start growing will be thinner and lighter than  the rest of the hair. Nevertheless, as you continue with the application the new hair will become stronger and the same color as the rest of your hair. Please note: Noxidil 2% is not a cure for baldness, but can improve regrowth of hair in both men and women.

How many times a day can i apply Minoxidil for proper hair growth?

  • recommended application are 1mls twice daily. SIX SPRAYS equals to 1ML. Therefore, apply six sprays in the morning and six sprays at bed time. The solution has 60mls, meaning it will last for one month.
  • Also, this solution should be applied only when the hair or scalp has been cleaned and dried properly. Apply the six sprays, then massage the solution thoroughly to ensure uniformity.
  • Total Daily dose should not exceed 2mls, as not significant added benefit can be achieved by using an excess of the solution.

How Long before I can see my hair?

  • Minoxidin hair regrowth solution in Kenya should be used as long as possible to maintain and increase hair growth. If there is no evidence whatsoever of hair growth by the fourth month, this solution’s usage should be discontinued. If there’s evidence of hair growth, then the solution should be continue as discontinuation means that the already growth hair has a chance of shedding.

What are the side effects of Minoxidil 2% hair growth solution?

  • The most common is itchiness especially during the first periods of usage. This is common and will fade away with subsequent applications. With the recommended application of 1ml twice daily, not side effects have been reported or recorded.
  • Noxidl is contraindicated for people who are allergic/hypersensitive to it’s ingredients i.e Minoxidil, Propylene gylcol or ethanol.
  • This solution should not be used by women who are expectant or lactating. It should not be used if you are planning to become pregnant, are already pregnant or is breastfeeding.
  • Minoxidin has not be tried on beards, and should only be used on the scalp only and no other region of the body.

How long before I can take a shower or swim?

  • Minoxidin should remain in contact with the scalp for at  least four hour. During this time, you should not swim, wash your hair or stand in rain as the solution will be washed away. Also, excessive sweating will also wash away the solution and heavy exercises are therefore not recommended after the application. At least, do the exercises before the application…right!


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