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Vimax Male Enhancing Supplement in Kenya claims to do, treat or in a way achieve the following

  • Low sexual desire
  • Low self esteem
  • Less than ideal erection size
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Low Endurance

A normal dosage of Vimax – one pill per day – will need more than 4 weeks to notice improvements in penis size, length and girth. However, there should be noticeable improvement with stamina and vitality before the physical benefits are realized

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Important information about Vimax Male Ehancing Supplements in Kenya
Vimax is not a drug or medicine, and statements below have not been evaluated by FDA or The Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent desease.

What does it do then?

  1. Bigger Penis Size: Many customers experience longer length, fatter girth and generally bigger member, so fast they are flabbergasted.
  2. Enhanced Orgasms: Multi orgasms both for you and your beloved partner.
  3. Ejaculatory Control: You get empowered to control when to ejaculate even if you have 2 hours intercourse.
  4. HUGE Confidence: Every Vimax review by users happily report they are now enjoying super confidence in bed, before any woman, in any situation.
  5. Treats Premature Ejaculation. In the same vein, users who hitherto battled premature ejaculation now find VigRX plus the perfect treatment. The major secret of Vimax is host of the potent natural ingredients contained in each pill.

What are the contents of Vimax capsules in Kenya

  • Vitamin E
  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Powder
  • Ginseng
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Saw Palmetto 45% Fatty Acids
  • Oat Straw Extract 10:1 (Avena Sativa)
  • Rice Flour

Documented Side Effects of Vimax in Kenya

slight stomach discomfort have been noted and are common with some users, especially during the first week when taking the Vimax penis enlargement pills. This can be curbed by swallowing the pill after a meal.

N/B: ePharmacy Kenya only makes this product available on a willing buyer willing seller basis. In no way do we recommend or disrecommend the usage of Vimax Penis Enlargement pills in Kenya. For any questions regarding this product, kindly seek for further guidance from your doctor.


  1. Benson mwangi

    Am Ben and i have problem of premature injeculation.wht type of cure do i need and how much do it cost

  2. paul kinuthia

    i have a problem with my penis siz what drugs should i take and at what price

  3. mpk

    I need a dose how do I get one

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      It’s available…please place order via the portal

  4. sammy ojwang

    thanks for informing us,keep up updated

  5. wkchumba

    Is the vimax really working .I want to grow my cock and increase stamina.

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      yes. It’s meant to work on the size and stamina

  6. Jayachandran

    I planned to buy this product.any one suggest me

  7. simon

    where can i buy vimax?, pharmacy that is.
    no need for delivery.

  8. Stephen

    Am Stive my problem is that my penis is too small/short. How can you help me so that it can increase in size

  9. Stephen

    Wat diet should I take so that my cock size can increase in length

  10. nasio kevin

    my main problem is the size of my penis,can i get solution to it and how can i get it?

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      you can use vimax. Its available in Kenya and we deliver

  11. wickliff ananda

    I have a problem with my cock and premature ejeculation. where do I get vimax?

  12. James


    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)


  13. robert larue

    is this drug available i need it to grow my penis

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      yes. Vimax is available

  14. Paul

    I need to enlarge my pennies ….how can I get those drugs…. And after u av completed the dosage do the penis return to the normal size it were before?

  15. Kevin oduor

    I have a problem with my stick I want to enlarge it,how did I get the drug…

  16. bentumkoitaba

    Purchased it today and I loved the way you delivered, you mean what you say. However, let me use it then I will later post the results here.

    • Kizangila

      How is it so far?

  17. Peter

    Any side effects of vimax;?

  18. Peter

    How can I get the dose. I need it,,, my dick is so small before erection and 5.5 inches after erection. I need it to grow longer and thicker.

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      please make order online. we will deliver it

  19. Joseph

    I think I need vimax penis enlargement

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      its available. Please make your order via the site

  20. Zachary bosire

    I need to purchase and hope to your payment method and amount

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      It’s available. ePharmacy Kenya operates online only. we deliver countrywide. payment is via TILL 644081

    • Erickson

      am in urgent need of the drug

      • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

        It available. Please place order for delivery

  21. Manish Raj

    How to increase my penis size?

  22. Blessing

    Please I need this product,how can I get it.

  23. Rudy


    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      It’s 0775551728

  24. Mwanyumba


  25. kickback

    Between VigRx and Vimax which is better for size enlargement ? Kindly Revert as soon as possible need to place an order

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      They are both equally good. But you can go for Vimax

  26. dave

    how long will the order take to be delivered?

  27. dave

    how long will the delivery take after placing an order?

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      Depends on your location. Within Nairobi is same day. Outside you will get it the next day

      • dave

        so if i order it right now, what time will i get tomorrow?

        • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

          Morning hours.

          • dave

            am from kitengela and i want to make an order, whats the procedure and is it possible to get it before 10am?

          • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

            Engage us on 0775551728. Yes

  28. Sam

    Are these 30 or 60 caps, its misleading? Also please advise if you could send these to Pakistan by DHL or Fedex?

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      A pack has 60capsules. Unfortunately we don’t do shipping to Pakistan

  29. Zulu

    Hello. I need a penis enlargement. Does this pills have side effect?? Where can i buy them. How long does it take for the reaction to complete and my penis become big.Thank you in advance.

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      at the moment we have GOODMAN and VIGRX PLUS

  30. Collins

    What’s the prescription? Do you take the pill continuously without even having sex? Will your penis size return normal if you stop taking the pill?

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      It’s taken daily. For at least 3 months

  31. andy

    where can i get u in thika town

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      It’s available. please complete order via the website

  32. Haron

    I need it by next month on 18_8_2018.

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      When ready you an order it online for delivery

  33. Fredrick Muriithi


  34. Hamdani

    Hi i want my dick is come bigger. Can you provide any medicines. Regards hamdani 0736****

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      Hi. you can use Vimax for that

  35. polo

    do one need to stop having sex till the full dose is finish?

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      No…you continue taking them

  36. Mohamed Hassan

    Can you assure me that vinmax is a permanent for dick enlargement and Premature ejaculation and has no side effect so that i can purchase it by the end of today please.

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      It’s for enlargement but not for premature ejaculation

  37. JAYACHANDRAN (verified owner)

    Is it useful for pennis enlargement.mine is 6.5 inches,if i took this pills for 3 month,how much additional length will get?

    • Admin ePharmacy (verified owner)

      The manufacturer claims you will increase size by 40%-60%

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