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Products for Eczema in Infants Kenya

Eczema in Infants Kenya is an inflammation of the skin frequently seen in association with allergic conditions such as asthma and hay fever. The parts affected develop lesions which will often appear as patches, blisters and/or scratches. They also become very itchy and uncomfortable. The affected spots will be typically dry in comparison to unaffected areas. The face, elbows, behind the knees, wrists are more likely to develop eczema than other body parts.

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One of the major causes of Eczema in Infants Kenya is the imbalance in a child’s immune function and is probably a form of response to the environmental substances such as dust, pollution, yeast, cosmetic products, chemicals such as: detergents, oils, greases, solvents at home or in the school place. In addition, stress can cause a depletion of certain body nutrients (vitamins and minerals), which ultimately leads to a sensitivity towards eczema in adults.

The corticosteroid creams have to be used with a low dose of hormone and for short period of time as sometimes indicated on the label. The hydrocortisone creams are effective for reducing inflammation, swelling, redness and itching thereby allowing the affected area to heal On the other hand, sudden discontinuation of the corticosteroid cream can lead to the worsening of the eczema, while higher and longer usages cause skin damage and thinning. An alternative for corticosteriod creams in the Kenyan market is the dermikelp cream by Glenmark. You can ask your pharmacist for more information about it.

Herbal therapy is a mild but long lasting alternative for treating Eczema in Infants Kenya. Many herbs are known for their beneficial qualities in the treatment of eczema such as: Burdock, Calendula, St. John Wort, Chamomile, Chickweed, Yarrow, Nettle, Licorice. They can be used as teas, tinctures or for topical treatment.

The antioxidant therapy has been successfully used in the prevention and treatment of different skin diseases, which usually are characterized by a high percentage of free radicals at the site of the affected areas. A good example of natural antioxidants is Sea Buckthorn and Grape seed oils. They contain a wide range of antioxidants such as vitamin E, A, C, selenium, beta carotene, anthocyanidins, which can be beneficial in the case of eczema and other skin disorders.

In conclusion: Natural alternative for treating Eczema in Infants Kenya may be longer than the conventional solution for eczema treatment but much safer for the skin and health in general.

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