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If your body expands rapidly, you’re likely to develop stretch marks, hence seek stretch marks removal options in Kenya. Stretch marks can be defined as bands of white lines that occur on your skin when it’s overstretched. When your skin’s connective tissues are overstretched, you’re likely to develop stretch marks. Although this condition can affect both genders, it’s prevalent in women especially when they’re expectant. This article highlights and explains some causes of stretch marks and how to get rid of them.

Besides expectancy, stretch marks may be caused by being obese, hereditary factors, body builders and use of certain drugs. Obesity may cause rapid body expansion which may lead to stretch marks.  As regards hereditary, there are people who are born with a dry skin which only requires less skin changes to develop body marks. Some steroids that are taken through the skin may also cause stretch marks. This is because they make they skin weaker and expands the muscles underneath faster than the top layer

Although stretch marks may disappear naturally, you can use various products and medical interventions for stretch marks removal in Kenya. Medical interventions entail use of laser surgery to remove stretch marks. You can also apply certain creams like revitol and trilastin that are designed to remove these marks from your skin. The use of these two interventions is however expensive to many people. Besides, these methods may also have serious side effects. In this regard, it’s important to ensure that you prevent stretch marks in the first place. In Kenya, there are various tactics that you can apply to ensure that you prevent stretch marks. These include taking a lot of water daily, avoid taking too much caffeine and taking a health balanced diet. If pregnant there are creams you can use to prevent them. As regards diet, ensure that you eat food rich in proteins like eggs, fish etc. You should also include fruits and vegetables on your diet. Finally, a good diet and taking plenty of water is the best way of losing weight.

The Standard: 6 Ways to prevent and heal stretch marks

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