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TATTOO IN KENYA: 4 Steps You Should Take!

Obviously concerns have been raised about getting a tattoo in Kenya because when you get a tattoo, the possiblity of pain and your risk of getting an infection pass through one’s mind before they step into a tattoo designer’s studio in Nairobi.

1. Can I Get Infectious Diseases From Tattoo in Kenya Needles?

The recent concerns regarding transmittable diseases like HIV/AIDS  and Hepatitis-B tattoo shops are valid. But as it is even in a hospital or a dentist’s office, sanitisation is key in preventing this and if you walk into an untidy tat parlour, walk out as though you had lost your way.

2. Can I Get AIDS From A Tattoo in Kenya?

When needles used to inject drugs or such like chemicals are passed from one person to another person and reused without comprehensive sterilisation, the blood from the first user will remain in the needle hence passed to the next user. If the first user is infected with HIV, then he/she will pass the viral component to the nest user, which leads to AIDS. Tattooing and inking procedures is VERY different as compared to injection drugs. Unlike injection needles, tattoo needles are not hollow. They do, however, travel back and forth through a hollow tube that acts as an ink reservoir. The tip of the tube is dipped into the ink, which draws a little into the tube.

3. Can My Tattoo’s Get Infected?

New tats can get very severe infections, 1. if done wrongly 2. if the wound doesn’t get proper care after the procedure. Nonetheless, as long as you take proper care of your new tattoo, you won’t have any issues. The tattoo artist in Kenya will give you guides on how to take care of the tat, with some creams. The other issue is that some people could be allergic to the inks use, hence get an allergic reaction. This can be managed by antihistamines, but some many require medical intervention.

4. What Are Some Bad Things For My New Tattoo?

Nothing can screw up a tattoo once it has healed. However, prolonged exposure to intense sunlight or sunlight high in UV can destroy the tat or make it fade. Another problem is scarring especially when the tat isn’t done properly hence leaving you with a permanent scar.

Tattoo in Kenya art and designs are fast becoming very popular especially among the youth. They are getting tattoo’s for lots of reasons, from memories to just the fun of it. Some are temporary especially those of wedding, while others are life time permanent. Whichever it is, ensure you take you time in choosing the good steps in choosing the right tattoo and tattoo artist in Kenya. Remember after the procedure you will have some time to heal before you start showing it off, otherwise it will be infected and your beautifully done butterfly will turn into one wound no one will know what it represent. Do as much research about tattoo art safety and the artists who do it and when you’re ready to get your tattoo, you will feel much better about your decision!

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