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The Effects of Drinking Coke While Pregnant

There has always been a lot of debate about the safety of drinking coke while pregnant in Kenya. While soda does come with a few properties, which may be harmful to the baby and consequently the mother, the damage is usually done with over-ingestion of coke. Drinking too much soda may thus result in the following health problems.

Dangers of taking coke while pregnant

  • Too much intake of empty calories – while coke does indeed have calories, these calories are empty or those that have no nutritional advantage. As such, while pregnant ladies are advised to ingest as many calories as possible, intake of too many empty calories serves the body more harm than good. This is because these empty calories replace calories which would have otherwise been useful to the body.
  • Calcium depletion – among other nutrients, ladies especially need calcium during pregnancy. This is not to only cater for the developing baby’s needs, but also to supplement the extra calcium needed to support the weight of the pregnancy. However, coke comes with phosphate. Drinking too much coke hence implies drinking too much phosphate. This may lead to depletion of calcium in the body.
  • Caffeine – coke also comes with caffeine. Albeit not much research has been conducted in Kenya on the dangers of caffeine during pregnancy, the danger of constricting blood vessels is always very real. Caffeine has been shown to cause constriction of blood vessels. This may limit the supply of blood and nutrients to the baby. It may also cause high blood pressure in the pregnant woman, which may also lead to accidents like fainting.

As such, drinking too much coke when pregnant may be harmful for both the mother and the baby. Pregnant women are thus advised to not surpass a limit of 200 mg per day. For proper hydration, this amount of soda should also be complemented with a lot of water. This will aid in lubrication in the body joints and in portraying a healthy appearance in the skin.


Drinking coke while pregnant is not harmful except when taken in huge amounts. Coke should be complemented with a lot of water for proper body hydration. This article will talk about this.

The Standard: Why soda is bad for expectant mothers

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