Treating Sore Throat During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a challenge of its own, and the last thing an expectant woman needs is a sore throat. While it might be more common with pregnancy situations, people who are not pregnancy have an equal chance of getting one. Sore throat during pregnancy means that your body has been infected by Streptococcal Bacteria. The symptoms are a sore throat and mostly accompanied by tonsils. Treatment during pregnancy is tricky because some drugs pass the placental barrier and reach the growing fetus.

Treatment and management of sore throat during pregnancy

  • Cephalexin – classified as pregnancy group B drug, cephalexin can be used in treating sore throats during pregnancy. The drug is presented in capsule form of 500mg content. Prescription should be done by the prescriber. Cephalexin does not pass the placenta, or get excreted in milk hence serves as the best remedy.
  • Amoxicillin – not enough data is available about Amoxicillin and its effectiveness in sore throat during pregnancy, but can be used all the same with guidance from a doctor
  • Herbal teas – there are herbal recommended for use in sore throat during pregnancy. Herbal teas with menthol and eucalyptus can help relieve the dryness and irritations of the throat during these times. Nevertheless, keep off cold liquids as they alleviate the problem or expose you to it. Some of the teas include chamomile tea, green tea, and lemon tea with cinnamon.
  • Gargles – Most gargles are safe for use during pregnancy, as not so much of them enters the system and can reach the baby. Ask more about them from your nearest pharmacy
  • Seek further medical attention – sore throat is a sign of an underlying disease. You should go for medical checkup to confirm or dispute that. Mostly, an injury of the skin provides the gateway for entry of streptococcus into your body. Medical checkup will bring up the main reason for the sore throat; hence, proper treatment can be commenced. For the pain, sore throat during pregnancy can be managed using acetaminophen. Some analgesics have been found to cause problems to the fetus because they pass through the placenta barrier. Therefore, ask your pharmacist if the drugs are safe to use in pregnancy.



Anyone can get a sore throat, but the ailment can be treated easily using antibiotics. If you are pregnant and have a sore throat, this article will give you crucial information about the remedies. Sore throats are caused by various elements including acid reflux. You should be checked before taking any medication

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