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Why Give Vitamin Supplements in Kenya for Kids

There is no consensus within the medical community as to whether children require vitamin supplementation or should obtain it from food nutrition. Whereas some experts believe there are enough vitamin supplements in Kenya that children can obtain from water and minerals, some professionals advice that children require vitamins supplementation just like grow ups. Those advocating for vitamin supplementation argue that children may not obtain enough vitamins from the foods that they consume. However, there are children that don’t like certain foods that are rich in vitamins. Again, some children may suffer from certain conditions that may prohibit the consumption of specific foods which are rich in vitamins. This means that such children may not obtain sufficient vitamins from such foods.

One of the essential elements that children require for health bones and teeth is fluoride. Fluoride is normally obtained from drinking water. However, currently, many people are using bottled water which may not have enough of this element. This means that children taking such water may suffer from fluoride deficiency. Additionally, there are communities that take non-fluoridated drinking water. In case there are children over six months among these communities, the use of fluoride supplementation is critical. However, in order to get these vitamin supplements in Kenya, parents must inform their physicians about these situations.

Another essential element that children require for string teeth and bones is calcium. Although many children are not deficient in calcium, there are those who are allergic from certain dairy products that this mineral is obtained from. Such children are candidates for calcium supplementation. Before deciding to supplement it is crucial to consult a physician. This is because excess vitamin intake in children may have a lot of side effects. You also need to keep vitamin supplement away from the reach of children.

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